Remember, we will shut down WebAPI soon!

Our main API that we work on is the REST API. Use it when creating a new application or developing features in an existing one. The WebAPI is a legacy solution we only keep in maintenance mode. We no longer develop WebAPI and we will shut it down eventually. All the new features we work on are developed for the REST API only.

The timetable for WebAPI methods phase out you may find here.

Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform

General information

General information on Allegro WebAPI making it easier to start using the service.

WebAPI in a nutshell

Allegro WebAPI is a service allowing to access resources and platform's logic without the mediation of an interface layer. The service is dedicated to developers interested in building their own solutions using data and mechanisms shared by the platform.
The following simplified scheme presents the API mechanism:

Schemat przedstawiający metodę działania usługi Allegro WebAPI

Allegro WebAPI is a web service based on the SOAP protocol and using the XML language as a format of creating messages as well as the RPC protocol to transfer them between the client (application) and the WebAPI server.

Detailed description of the service is defined using the WSDL language and can be found here (available only via encrypted channel):

Using the RPC protocol determines the network's architecture. Allegro WebAPI consists of methods reflecting functions available in the service. By using our API you can:
  • list offers on Allegro,
  • list offers listed in selected categories and by given users,
  • manage searcher,
  • view information on listed offers,
  • load contact data of users who bought items in offers of the selected user,
  • list and leave feedback for you trading partners,
  • load content of the selected My Allegro tabs,
  • place bids,
  • manage the commission refund system available on the platform,
  • load information on status of payments made via PayU.

Allegro WebAPI is a multi-language service. By setting the methods appropriately you can gat all returned information (including error messages) translated into languages of the selected countries.


The service is free of charge for all users (no account block and full account activation are required) requesting for access key via the contact form (each key is valid for one year from the date of its creation; one week before expiration date a reminder is sent).

Granting access to the service means generating a unique and fixed Allegro WebAPI key for the given account. The key identifies the user within the service. The API key is assigned to the given account on the moment of generating it, but it does not mean that only this account can use it. Each Allegro user who knows the API key of other user can use it, and has the access to the service (III.2. WebAPI User Agreement regulates the scope of responsibility in such case). Therefore we recommend not to share the key value directly with others. .

Please remember that API keys are case sensitive – providing X123Y456Z instead of x123y456z results in returning the message about incorrect key value.

When the API key is generated, the user receives set of version keys (with unique values within each API key) – one for each country where API is available (currently 10 – including test platform). Value of version keys, unlikely the API key, changes each time when some dynamic components are updated because of their nature (usually it relates to the category tree structure and sale form fields). The event of key change is reported by the service via the specially prepared error code (ERR_INVALID_VERSION_CAT_SELL_FIELDS). Dates of recent updates of mentioned components can be checked in the lower part of the main page on the service information page.

To sum up:

  Allegro WebApi Key
Version keys
Role Service access
Informing about changes in components
Number of keys 1 10
Fluctuation No Yes
Value preview
My Allegro > WebAPI
My Allegro > WebAPI + dedicated API methods

Allegro Sandbox test environment

What is Sandbox?

Allegro Sandbox is a test environment. Use it to test, in a secure manner, both WebAPI and REST API supported by Allegro. The environment reflects all the major features of Allegro. It means you can:
  • activate an account,
  • list an offer,
  • go through a customer journey,
  • use a search engine,
  • rate a seller.
With a built-in simulator you can also test quick online payments.

How does it work?

Sandbox mirrors features of the live environment. Use the test environment as you would use
The test environment is available to all. To get constant access to the environment, visit this address, click on "Załóż konto", and after that activate it. You can generate a WebAPI test environment key using your test account. To do so, visit the tab WebAPI in "Moje Allegro".

Remember to provide real address data during activation. By real data, we mean data that matches, e.g.:
  • street: Grunwaldzka 182,
  • postal code: 60-166,
  • city: Poznań.
Otherwise, the activation may fail.

The test environment is a separate one.


Allegro API Terms of Use

  1. You can test free of charge both Allegro APIs (WebAPI and REST API) within one environment (“Service”) at
  2. The Service is provided by sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poznań, at ul. Grunwaldzka 182, 60-166 Poznań, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000635012, share capital: PLN 34,000,000, tax identification number NIP: 525-26-74-798, statistical number REGON: 365331553 (“”).
  3. By using the Service, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use.
  4. The Service allows you to familiarize yourself with the way the Service is provided.
  5. informs, and you acknowledge to have understood and accepted it that data used within the Service is not subject to any backup.
  6. has the right to remove all data you process using the Service, in particular if you infringe the Terms of Use.
  7. You cannot use the Service to process materials whose content is unlawful, in particular materials that are or contain viruses or other software whose use would violate the law.
  8. Moreover, you cannot perform any activity that would affect the security of Allegro IT systems or IT systems of third parties, and perform activities that would affect the performance of or overload the IT systems that are involved in providing the Service in a direct or indirect manner. The actions that you can perform are security system tests, but only if they are compatible with our Bug Bounty program (
  9. Remember that you are fully responsible for your actions and actions of persons with whom you shared Service data, whether intentionally or not.
  10. hereby informs that it does not guarantee and shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by hindered or no access to the Service, including loss or deformation of data processed using the Service.
  11. Due to the nature and character of the Service do not provide real personal data in the forms.

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