Remember, we will shut down WebAPI soon!

Our main API that we work on is the REST API. Use it when creating a new application or developing features in an existing one. The WebAPI is a legacy solution we only keep in maintenance mode. We no longer develop WebAPI and we will shut it down eventually. All the new features we work on are developed for the REST API only.

The timetable for WebAPI methods phase out you may find here.

Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform

What is Allegro WebAPI?

WebAPI is a web service which makes it possible to exchange information between Allegro resources and external software. Thanks to it programmers can integrate their own solutions with the platform mechanisms. Within the Allegro API framework we offer methods that correspond to particular platform functions.

more about Allegro WebAPI

Start working with WebAPI

  1. You don't have an Allegro account yet? Create and activate it - it is a condition for using WebAPI.
  2. Read the WebAPI User Agreement and application guidelines created with our web service.
  3. Ask for a key using contact form. We will send it to you by e-mail. More information can be found in the WebAPI tab in settings of your account.

After obtaining a key you can:

  • familiarise yourself with the documentation of our web service,
  • develop software using mechanisms made available by the platform.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Post them on the forum or contact us.

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