How to use the Orders tab

We have created a new Zamówienia Orders tab to help you to manage your sales on Allegro more easily.

How we display orders in the tab

You will see all the items sold from your offers in the tab as, orders from buyers. Each order consists of all the items paid for as part of one transaction from one buyer.

For example: You sell computer accessories. The customer has selected a laptop bag and a wireless mouse from your offers, added them to their cart and then paid. In the tab, you will find one order from that customer, consisting of a bag and a mouse.


Filtering and searching for orders

In the tab you can conveniently filter orders:

  • by the order status:

    • all
    • new
    • in progress
    • awaiting shipment
    • sent
    • canceled
  • by the payment status:

    • all
    • paid
    • cash on delivery
    • unpaid
    • for verification
  • by the delivery method: you can display only the orders where buyers chose the method you specify

  • by date.

You can also use the search engine to find various information about the order: its title, the number or the reference number of the offer, the payment identifier and login, customer’s name and surname.

orders - filters

Order sorting

By default, the most recent orders are displayed at the very top of the order list. However, you can sort them:

  • by the date of sale (from oldest or newest)
  • by the date of payment (from the oldest or from the latest)

For example: you choose to sort by date of purchase: from the latest. If a customer bought something from you a week ago, but has just paid for that order, it will appear at the top, at the beginning of the order list.

Order management

You will find all the important data for each order, such as:

  • sale date
  • information about offers, such as: title and offer number
  • buyer's details
  • delivery method
  • the number of parcels
  • messages from buyers
  • payment status.

If the buyer provides data for an invoice, you will see the right icon next to the order. Click on it to see the buyer’s data.

zamówienia - ikony

You can find information about the number of parcels below the price of the delivery method chosen by the buyer. We calculate it based on how many parcels the customer selected. For example,if the buyer bought two items that each fit in 1 package, then the seller will see 2 parcels.

liczba przesyłek

To manage orders, use the akcje [action] button. You will find it next to every order.


This way you can add a tracking number, add any notes or check payment details.

If you add a tracking number or a note, appropriate icons will also appear next to the order.

Bulk change of order statuses

You can change orders statuses in bulk. Simply select all the offers where you want to change the status and choose a new one for all of them.

For example: you want to change the status to awaiting shipment in new orders that have been paid for. To do that, select all your new paid orders. Click the zaznacz wszystko [select all] box and at the bottom of the list and click zmień status [change status]. From the list of statuses, select do wysłania (awaiting shipment) and confirm the selection by clicking zapisz [save]. All done!

group orders

Printing shipping labels and shipping lists

Select your order and click przygotuj wydruk [create a file for printing] at the bottom of the screen. You can create:

  • shipping labels
  • shipping lists.

zamowienia wydruk

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