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The Moje oferty My offers tab will help you manage your offers on Allegro.

You can find the tab:

What you can do with the My offers tab
  • You will find three tabs: Buy Now, Auction and Classified Ads.
  • You can sort your offers by status, e.g. completed, active and planned.
  • You can search for offers by title and identifiers.
  • Next to each listing, you will find the akcje [actions] button, which allows you to edit, close, add a distinction or post a similar offer.
  • You can edit multiple offers, both active and completed, at the same time.

Under the Moje oferty [My offers] tab, you will also find the dodaj nową [add new] button. With it, you can quickly post a new offer.

If you have a business account, you will find the signature field in the offer submission form. You can enter any identifier in it - for example, the product code. Signatures are displayed in the My offers tab, under the offer titles. In the tab, you can use the search engine, which also scans the signatures. This makes it easier to control your offers, especially if you have a lot of them.

Select offers from your completed offers list and click wznów [resume]. You will see the offer status change to W trakcie aktywacji [Activation in progress] and, after a short while, to Aktywna [Active]. The new way to resume offers will allow you to keep their number, URL and popularity.

When you edit the price for a group of offers:

  • You can set the same price for all offers.
  • You can increase or decrease the price by percent or a fixed amount (in PLN).
  • In the case of auctions, you can only change the Buy Now price if one has been set. The starting price will not be changed.
  • You cannot reduce the offer price to an amount below 1 PLN.


When you edit the number of units for a group of offers:

  • You can set the same number of units for selected offers;
  • You can add or reduce a chosen number of units to/from the offers;
  • If, for example, you try to reduce an offer with 5 units by 10 units, no changes will be made.


  • You cannot add a feature to any offer that is already a featured offer or is completed.
  • When you feature your offers, you will see the total amount of the feature fees.
  • You can feature up to 120 offers during one editing session.


  • If you have not previously created any size tables, before assigning any to offers we will help you go to the size table creator .
  • You can add one selected table to as many offers as you select from your list.
  • The tables will be assigned only to offers from the categories in which we enabled size tables. You can find a list of these categories here .
  • If you try to add a size table to a category not from the list, we will not add the table.
  • If there is already a size table in a selected offer, we will overwrite it


  • You can add one invoicing option to all offers that you mark on the list.
  • If another invoicing option is already attached to the offer, we will overwrite it.


  • You can add a single delivery price list to all selected offers.
  • If a different delivery price list is already added to your offer, we will overwrite it.
  • When you click zapisz [save], you will see a summary of the number of offers where we will change the shipping price lists.
  • If you do not have any shipping price list templates and try to add them to a group of offers, we will redirect you to the Opcje dostawy Delivery settings tab. In the Delivery price lists section, you will be able to create your price lists.


  • You can set only one shipping time in the selected offers.
  • We will overwrite the previously set shipping time in your offers.


  • If you have not created any additional services templates, and try adding them to your offers, you will be redirected to the Usługi dodatkowe Additional services tab, where you can add templates.
  • You can only add one set of additional services to selected offers.
  • If a different template of additional services is already added to your offer, we will overwrite it.
  • There is a usuń z ofert [remove from offers] option under your created templates. When you choose it, you will remove the added templates from selected offers.


  • If you have not created any T&C templates, try adding them to your offers. You will be redirected to the appropiate tab: ( Gwarancje Warranty, Zwroty Returns, Reklamacje Complaints ), where you can add the terms.
  • You can only add one T&C template from the list to selected offers.
  • If a different template is already added to your offer, we will overwrite it.

Under the Moje oferty [My offers] tab, you will see a report on the changes made in multiple offers:

  • The number of offers changed;
  • The progress of changes;
  • Whether changes have been made successfully. If a change for multiple offers is not successful, you will get a message about the number of offers in which changes have not been made.

If you want to sort the offers list view and hide all completed offers from it:

  1. Select the offers you want to hide.
  2. Click ukryj [hide] in the action bar at the bottom of the screen;


  1. Confirm changes.

Hidden offers will no longer be available and you will not see them on the listing.

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