How to list an item

If you want to sell on Allegro, you need an active Allegro account. If you do not have one yet, create it, provide all the necessary information and fully activate your account .

To list an item
  1. Log in to your account and click Wystaw przedmiot [List item]. We will transfer you to the sales form.


You can also list items using the Moja sprzedaż My sales tab. After clicking Wystaw [List], you will be directed to the sales form.

  1. Enter the name of the item or product code and click szukaj (search).
  • If your product is in our product base - you will see the recommended products. wystawianie2 Select a product that suits the item you want to list and click wybierz (select). wystawianie3 We will automatically select the category and some of the product's parameters. We will also suggest the title of the offer.

If you do not want to match your offer with a product, click kontynuuj bez wybierania produktu (continue without selecting a product) and go directly to the category list.

  • If your product is not in our product base - you will go directly to the category list. You can select one of the suggested categories, choose it manually or enter its number. wystawianie4 Next, name your offer and fill in the Cechy productu (Product features) part.

You will see two sections: Podstawowe parametry (Basic parameters) and Pozostałe parametry (Other parameters). If you want is to add your new product to our product base and match it with your offer, fill in all the fields in the Basic parameters section.

You need to fill in the obligatory parameters in both of the sections. If you don't, you will not be able to list the item and we will display the information that those fields are mandatory.

  1. Add photos and description of your item. Learn more about creating a description.

  2. In the next part you can add attachments in PDF format, for example manuals or terms and conditions.

  3. Next, choose a sales format . Enter the price, number of pieces offered and the duration of the offer.

  4. In the Delivery and payment section, select the delivery price list, shipping time, payment method and where the item will be shipped from.

  5. Complete the mandatory Terms of the offer, such as return, warranty and complaint forms. You can also offer additional services.

  6. Choose your promotion options.

  7. In the Listing options, decide whether you want to list the item immediately or if you want it to appear on Allegro later, at your selected time.

  8. Check the fee summary and the offer preview - to do this, click zobacz podgląd oferty [see offer preview]. If you want to correct something, select wróc do wystawiania [return to listing form]. If everything looks OK, click wystaw przedmiot [list item]. All done!

You can find all infomation about the offer in the Moje oferty My offers tab.

You can also quickly list multiple similar items.

If the item you issued is bought, you will learn about it from the message sent to the e-mail address you provided. The message will also contain the buyer's information. You will also receive an email notification when the buyer chooses the delivery and payment method .

If no one has bought your item, you can relist it. In the Moje oferty My offers tab, select the right offer. Then, select the wznów [resume] option below - for Kup teraz Buy now offers or wystaw ponownie [list again] - for auctions. You can also click akcje [actions] on the right side of the offer and then wznów [resume] if you also want to make changes to the offer before re-issuing it.

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