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How can I make my offers be marked with the Allegro Smart! icon Allegro Smart!

Allegro Smart! designation Allegro Smart! offers are a chance to increase your sales. The cost of delivery and return of shipments will be covered by Allegro.

We want buyers to have the best experience when using Allegro Smart! That is why we have prepared the conditions that you should meet in order for your offers to be distinguished by the Allegro Smart! icon Allegro Smart! ikonasmart

Terms of sale
  • Get at least 5 unique positive transaction ratings (paws up) in the last 12 months
  • keep your average sales rating at least 98% (or Super Seller status)
  • take care of the correct handling of e-mail addresses of buyers in the sales management system that you use and make sure that they are correctly forwarded to the logistics company - learn more about this
  • regulate payments for Allegro services in a timely manner
  • make sure your offers comply with the Allegro Regulations and do not make shopping offers to buyers outside Allegro.
Terms and conditions for offers
  • specify the return policy and place it in the offers
  • share at least two of the Allegro Smart! delivery methods in your offers Allegro Smart! - from 2 different groups or provide shipment numbers for at least 50% of all orders and at least one delivery method Allegro Smart! Remember, however, that the tracking number should be entered at the shipping time declared in the offer.

Important information

  1. Allegro Smart! is not available for pharmacy offers and offers.
  2. Remember to set delivery price lists so that the delivery cost for transactions with multiple items does not exceed PLN 40. Otherwise, the delivery will not be carried out as part of the Allegro Smart!

Example: A customer has 10 identical items in the basket marked Allegro Smart!, with delivery cost PLN 8.60 to the parcel locker. If you set the cost of shipping the next item in the basket to PLN 5, then with this purchase the delivery cost will be PLN 53.60 and the customer will have to pay for the delivery and possible return.

  1. You can only make a free return if the customer reports it using the return form on his Allegro account.

Check the detailed list of conditions and good practices .

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