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Allegro Smart! - a new way of settling InPost shipment costs

From January 15, 2020, all sellers with offers with the delivery of Allegro Smart! a new method of settling InPost shipments applies.

What is the change?

When you sell goods with Allegro Smart! delivery Allegro Smart! to InPost parcel locker, you will receive payment only for the item, and the Allegro Smart! parcel Allegro Smart! will send for free.

See for an example :

As part of the offer marked Allegro Smart! the customer buys a shirt from you for PLN 100, with the delivery of Allegro 24/7 InPost Parcel Locker, the cost of which you set at PLN 8.99.

Before change:

You receive a payment of PLN 108.99, i.e. the amount including the value of the item and the price of the shipment, for which you pay for sending the package to the supplier.


You will receive a payment of PLN 100 - i.e. only for the item sold . Delivery funds will not be credited to your account. Through integration with Allegro, the supplier knows that you are sending Allegro Smart! and you won't be charged for it . So you only sell goods in the amount of PLN 100.

The supplier's system recognizes the Allegro Smart! shipment Allegro Smart! as free based on the recipient's email address . This will only be possible if you enter the full, valid email address of the customer at @ while sending . You will always find it in sales notifications, in the Orders tab, in the Sales Manager as well as in the WebAPI and REST API.

Email addresses on Allegro have the following form:


Learn more about addresses in correspondence carried out under Allegro

Which shipments are affected by this change?

The new method of cost settlement includes shipments sent via InPost as part of Allegro Smart! . Therefore, it applies to the following delivery methods:

  • Allegro Parcel Lockers 24/7 InPost
  • 24/7 parcel lockers

In the case of services provided by Poczta Polska and RUCH, the method of settling shipments under Allegro Smart! temporarily remains unchanged . We will notify you of any changes in advance.

See comparison:

Polish Post and RUCH - temporarily unchanged
InPost - a new way
After sale, you receive payment for goods and shipping . You pay for the shipment to pay it to the supplier.
InPost - a new way
After sale, you receive payment only for the goods . You send the package free of charge.

Shipping will not be free if the delivery cost for these methods will be set to PLN 0 in your offers. If you want to avoid charging the fee for sending the order to Paczkomaty within Allegro Smart!, make sure that the delivery price lists have the price higher than PLN 0 for the given methods.

How to make sure that you send the package free of charge

The supplier will recognize the Allegro Smart! shipment Allegro Smart! as free based on the recipient's email address. Therefore, make sure that you provide the supplier with the recipient's address exactly as you receive it in the order . Only in this way will the supplier know that this is an Allegro Smart! shipment Allegro Smart! and you won't be charged for shipping. If you enter an incorrect address - for example, an incomplete address - the fee for sending the package will be charged.

Please note that on the sender labels the recipient's e-mail address should be full, including the " + " sign in the first part of the address. For example: ``

We know that many salespeople use popular sales management systems. Here is a list of tools that we can be sure that they correctly handle Allegro email addresses:

  • Baselinker
  • EasyUploader (since version
  • Sello (from version 1.31.3)
  • xSale
  • IAI
  • shoper
  • IDEAerp

We cannot guarantee that other suppliers will adapt the software to our guidelines. Therefore, we encourage you - if you are not sure whether your system supports our e-mail addresses correctly, contact the authors of the software you are using.

What you should pay attention to if you use your own sales management system

1 . The recipient's email address is different for each order. So if the same customer places 2 separate orders with you, then for each of these orders the email address will be different - the second part of the address (after the "+").

Example: Customer's address in the first order: ``

The address of the same customer in the second order: ``

So make sure your sales management system gets the correct email address for each order.

2 . Shipping will be free only when the customer's email address is sent to the supplier in full, unchanged form. Make sure that no part of it is cut off, that the "+" symbol is not removed, etc.

3 . If you use WebAPI, please note that the doGetPostBuyData method passes email addresses with no part after the "+", so it is not the right method to process orders. Use the doGetPostBuyFormsDataForSellers method or switch to the REST API .

How to send an Allegro Smart! shipment Allegro Smart! if you use InPost services

After the sale you will not receive payment for the shipment, but you will send it free of charge. In addition, everything goes in a standard way.

See what the whole process looks like:


  1. Customer with Allegro Smart! service purchased Allegro Smart! buys goods in your offer with the Allegro Smart! sign Allegro Smart!
  2. You receive payment for the goods, without shipping costs.
  3. You receive order details. You will find in them that the shipment is Smart! and you will see that the shipping cost is 0 PLN.


  1. You transfer to InPost (for example, in the Package Manager) the customer's phone number and his correct full email address. You will find it everywhere where so far:

  2. in emails after the transaction has been completed

  3. in the Orders tab
  4. in the Sales Manager
  5. in WebAPI
  6. in the REST API.


  1. Ready. The package was sent free of charge - neither you nor your customer pay for it.
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