What is Allegro API?

Do you sell on a large scale? Is the manual work on individual orders becoming a hassle? Do you manage your other sales channels in one place? Think about sales automation on Allegro; that’s what Allegro API is all about.

What is Allegro API

Allegro API is a programming interface, with a strictly defined set of rules and their descriptions allowing for the exchange of information between Allegro resources and external software, such as an online store, warehouse software or online accounting system. Thanks to Allegro API, developers can integrate their own solutions with the service mechanism.

If you process many orders, the API will make your daily work easier and save time. With the Allegro API you can automate your entire sales process on Allegro; from posting offers, order processing and payments to order shipment, invoicing and sales monitoring.

What can you do using Allegro API

Using the API you can, for example:

  • Post and edit multiple listings on Allegro at the same time
  • Feature many listings on Allegro at the same time
  • Retrieve and filter the list of offers from various sellers
  • Get up-to-date sales information
  • Review information about offers
  • Retrieve buyers' contact details
  • Retrieve detailed information about the items you sold and about buyers
How to use Allegro API

Do you have an online store? Most store platforms can be readily integrated with Allegro. Ask your sales support software provider about its readiness to integrate with Allegro. If you do not use ready-made solutions available on the market and your system has been custom-built, you will most likely need programming support. For more details on how to start using the API, please visit our portal for developers:

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