What are promotion options and how to use them?

To promote your offers and attract more buyers, consider the following options:

You can find the options in the Opcje promowania (Promotion options) tab in the offer form:


To use them, simply select a desired option – individually or in combinaition with others. Prices are displayed in the description.

The fee for a selected promotion is available in the summary shown before you list an offer.

Promotions can be enabled and disabled at any time while the offer is listed. For this purpose, go to the Moje oferty (My offers) tab, select [akcje] (actions) next to the offer title and [edytuj] (edit). If you want to do this for multiple offers - select them and click [wyróżnij] (distinction).

What are the promotion options?


If you select this option while listing an offer, the offer will be shown above all other offers without this option. It will be displayed on the promoted offers list; in a given category and in search results.


If you select this option, the title of your offer will be written in bold. It will be more visible in a selected category and in search results.


With the Highlight option in place you can be sure that your item will be noticed by buyers, while increasing your chances for a sale.

Select this option to have your offer listed against a blue background.

Promotion on a category page

If you select this option, your offer will be featured on the category page (e.g. Consumer electronics, Home and Health, etc.) where your offer is listed. The offer will be displayed in a dedicated gallery of promoted offers. The gallery will display a thumbnail, price and title of your offer. Buyers will be redirected to your item page if they click on it.

A single gallery screen displays up to 5 offers. They rotate automatically or the customer can manually scroll through them.

Many buyers browse through category pages. This is where they are redirected after clicking on the category name on the Allegro home page. Therefore, this option is very attractive.

If you select this option, your offer will be put in the line-up to be displayed in the gallery on the category page. The time of display and the number of views depend on the number of sellers using this option.

Promotion fees are listed in a corresponding table in Appendix no. 4 of the Terms and Conditions of Allegro.

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