How to create an item description?

The available editor can help you create clear offer descriptions, which will be displayed properly on all devices, including mobiles. The editor is easy to use and makes it possible to enter text and photos in five different layouts.


You can add photos to your item description in the listing form. Click on the grey add image icon to upload photos. Note: photos can only be uploaded from a computer. You can not add photos from external websites.


Create a description in the editor

You decide on the layout and length of a description. Create a description by adding subsequent lines in a layout of your choosing.

Description layouts

Use one of the icons in the editor and select a preferable layout for a given line:

  • use text,
  • use photo,
  • text and photo – text on the right, photo on the left,
  • text and photo – text on the left, photo on the right,
  • two photos.
More lines

To add another line, click on [dodaj kolejny wiersz]. You may also repeat the same line – click on [duplikuj wiersz]. The duplicated line may have a different layout and content.

Line position
  • remove line,
  • duplicate line,
  • move line up – one click to move the whole line (block) of text and/or photos up in the description,
  • move line down – one click to move the whole line (block) of text and/or photos down in the description.
Text formatting

The following options will help you format your text:

  • text style (basic text, header 1, header 2),
  • bold,
  • bulleted list,
  • numbered list,
  • undo,
  • redo.

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