WEHRMACHT-Bermacht DIGI+ 18 bonus tracks (6484026852)

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Przepięknie wydana reedycja FOAD REC z roku 2010 z 18ma bonus trackami demo i Live

The last album from Wehrmacht prior to their current reunion gigs, "Biermacht"­; saw the band maturing while still retaining their thrashcore roots. Released in mid-1988, "Biermacht"­; featured a slightly cleaner production than the one found on their debut album. To some fans this rendered the album with much less intensity, but to my ears the sound was still very powerful.

The massive reverb used on the first album made "Shark Attack" sound like a TRUE shark attack and only added to the overall intensity. This time around the drums are more compressed and some blast beat parts tend to get lost in the overall blur of things. But on the same token, the guitars are much sharper sounding. Marco Zorich and John Duffy were truly evolving as guitar heroes.

The only thing that kept me from giving "Biermacht"­; a full 100% are the funny bit songs. Sure, I love them and enjoy them, but it's just that I would've preferred another whole song instead of 3 or 4 mini-joke songs. A lot of the songs on "Biermacht"­; were leftovers from their demo days, including the phenomenal "Night Of Pain", one of my ALL TIME favorite thrash songs EVER, but newer stuff like "Radical Dissection" and "Balance Of Opinion" showed the band handling a more mainstream thrash sound somewhere in the middle of a Slayer/Kreator sound and Metallica/Megadeth. There is a certain progressiveness to those songs that hint to a more elaborate musical future.

I am so glad the guys are back and rumours abound that they are working on new stuff, but in the meantime you must check "Biermacht"­;, one of the lost gems of the tharsh metal era from one of the precursors of the grindcore blast beat.

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