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  • rok wydania (xxxx): 2013
Kevan Hall


How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity

Wydawnictwo: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Autor: Kevan Hall

Język książki: Angielski

Ilość stron: 240


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Praise for Kevan Hall's Speed Lead, also published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing

'The book is accessible, easy to read and practically written...I found the book gave me cause to examine how I manage, and I was able to take away some practical ideas that I will apply in my own working environment.' —Personnel Today

'Intensely practical. Hall's book is a highly stimulating guide to creating a more efficient business. Any global firm would benefit form the chapter on managing across time zones by organising continuous 24-hour working.' —Carol Kennedy, Director

'An eminently practical book, good at giving pragmatic, realistic tips that can help the reader to reframe and reflect on one's practice, and change behaviour without the guilt from being 'stuck' in an outdated managerial mindset. This is a well-organised and enthusiastic synthesis of good managerial practice.' —People Management

'We want our companies to be faster, simpler and easier to run - this refreshing blend of challenging ideas and practical tools shows us how' —Karl Kahofer, Group President Europe and Asia Pacific, Rubbermaid/IRWIN

'A much needed new look at managing and leading in complex modern organisations. Practical tools you can implement to speed up your company.' —Bob Morton, Head of People Development Competence Centre, Europe-MEA, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

'Speed is the key word for companies in the Asia Pacific Rim. Kevan's comes from his long practical experience. New tools and techniques from this book can be applied in many different countries without any cultural difference.' —Professor Jae Ho Park. Yeungnam University, South Korea

'Globalization, technology and scale can lead to growth and success, but they also bring dysfunctional baggage. Kevan shows how to get off the organizational 'hamster wheel' and focus on what is important.' --Geoff Armstrong, Director General, CIPD

About the Author

Kevan Hall is the founder and CEO of Global Integration Ltd. , a consultancy specializing in skills required to work in complex, international organizations, with offices in the UK and California. He works with companies around the world including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, and Vodafone.

He has practical experience in line management, manufacturing operations, HR, training, and strategic and market planning, mostly at Mars where he worked in Strasbourg as head of training and education from Vladivostock to Ireland. He manages his own cross-cultural and remote organization and is a regular speaker at international conferences. His work is profiled at­


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