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Limitowane digipackowe wydanie reedycji debiut albumu INQUISITION Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult z roku 1998go wydanie USA

This record is a departure from the thrashy styles of both 'Anxious Death' and 'Forever Under' and delves deep into the womb of blackmetal, however I.T.I.R.O.T.A.C. has a truely unique approach to the established genre. In terms of influences, I guess bands such as: Burzum, Bathory and early Rotting Christ come to mind, but I don't really see Inquisition as a band one can compare very easily.

The guitar sound on this album is really deep and bassy, yet with just the right amount of treble to balance the mix, creating a heavy oppressive atmosphere without weakening the more intricate, dissonant guitar parts.

One thing that really grabbed me about this record was the trace inducing effect of the voice and riffs, a clear example can be heard the song 'Those of the night', which opens with an incredible droning riff and monotone, macabre vocals.

As well as these trance like elements, Inquisition also use some melancholic/ melodic parts which add a kind of dream-like (or should I say nightmare-like) ambiance to the record which works very well in contrast. There are even folk elements on this record for example: 'The Initiation', featuring an acoustic guitar motif, which really evokes an enchanting ceremonial atmosphere and fits the song title perfectly.

The lyrics here aren't mind blowing, but to me they seem like very personal ideas/experiences to the band members themselves, and not to necesarily to be understood by everyone. But just the music and the voice alone really capture the ritualistic/ satanic atmosphere they are aiming for: you can just tell these guys aren't faking it, the presence of occult influence is certainly obvious on this record.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Inquisition are refreshingly varied in tempo, not constant blast, blast, blast type stuff, that has become fairly monotonous and predictable in blackmetal especially. The percussion is very well thought out, with necesary pauses here and there, adding more impact to many of the riffs.

I was actually lucky enough to catch Inquisition in London earlier this year, and it was incredible. Despite being a two piece, it sounded as if there was a whole band on stage! Dagon is an absolute genius for coming up with such an amazing guitar sound. Any one who's seen them will know what i'm talking about.

Well, this is only the second time I've heard this, and already it has become one of my newest favourites (among a great many others, of course!). I think this is an absolutely excellent recording, for its perfect mixture of now heavy and grooving, now dark and brooding riffing, for its unique ingenuity, and for its evil and frighteningly morose vocal style, which I might add is one of the most original vocal attempts I've heard. The overall atmosphere is one of cold and unremorseful evil, and the lyrics (which are often decipherable) compliment this with a continued theme of joining the great dark cult and experiencing the journey to servitude under Satan's favour. The music isn't just great riffs put together into songs, nor is it just a bunch of really great songs with their own special character, but it also progresses as time goes on to become increasingly depressive and ethereal in its atmosphere, which is an intangible element that I really like about this album. Apparently this band performs live, and I imagine their concert would be a mightily overpowering experience... in fact, I have spoken to someone who's had that experience, and according to him it IS that good. There is one thing I still want to find out, though... that is, what film did they take those samples from?!

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