Caryl Churchill Escaped Alone (NHB Modern Plays) (6860494968)

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Caryl Churchill Escaped Alone (NHB Modern Plays)

  • Typ Okładki: Książka w miękkiej oprawie
  • Wydawnictwo: Nick Hern Books
  • Autor: Caryl Churchill
  • Język książki: Angielski
  • Rozmiar: 19.8 x 1.6 x 12.9 cm
  • Ilość stron: 80
  • Data premiery: 2016-01-21


Simultaneously chilling and funny... [Churchill] has lost none of the courage and inventive imagination that have made her one of the most exciting and unprdictable playwrights of the last half-century... [The play's themes] remain terrifyingly fresh today, uncomfortably and sometimes brutally reminding us of what a bloody world we live in... Every destructive motive seems to be covered in this series of short but shocking monologues that somehow managed to be simultaneously chilling and funny... By the end of Escaped Alone, the audience will have been amused, shocked and inevitably with this playwright, made to think about the world afresh. --British Theatre Guide

It's hard to imagine you'll come across a more brilliant play this year... mischievous, funny, f**ked up, plugged into the modern world and occasionally deeply disturbing... What makes Escaped Alone a great play is that it is strangely euphoric: spiked with terrible, apocalyptic foreboding, yes, but Churchill's funniest since Serious Money, and with an incredible gift for spinning light out of the dark. --Time Out

The first striking thing about Escaped Alone is that there are four strong roles for mature women - a rare event... They drink tea and chew the fat. They discuss favourite TV shows, dentistry, hip replacement and the magic of mobile phones. Though occasionally there are more unlikely themes, particle physics and the difference between gannets and cormorants, the tone is chatty and straightforward. But we cut away from this ivy-clad suburban gossip to a series of monologues by Linda Bassett's odd and eloquent Mrs Jarrett. These shed some light on the play's title, which comes from the Bible's slippery, dramatic, painful Book of Job. She pictures apocalypse a world menaced by flooding and disease, where chemicals "leak through the cracks in the money" and starving commuters have to make do with watching cookery programmes on their phones... This is the stuff of nightmares. But it can only be accessed through tiny chinks in the facade of everyday banality. The result is a rich, unsettling miniature with an unusual mix of ordinariness, absurdity and dark enigma... Intriguingly dense and strange. --Evening Standard

[Escaped Alone] mixes the banal exchanges of everyday life with a more troubling, and troublesome reality. It also shows how language buckles under the pressure of horror and opens out into the landscape of the imagination where there is no limit to possibilities and therefore no limit to fear. This instantly recognisable place could be called Churchillia, a land, a world, of infinite nightmares that lies as close to prosaic daily reality as the head is close to the pillow during sleep... Wildly imaginative... this is a magnificent play which demands repeated visits to reveal its full richness. --The Arts Desk

Caryl Churchill follows Beckett and Pinter into the field of fertile minimalism. Escaped Alone running for an hour, juxtaposes two sharply contrasting worlds: a sunlit garden, where four women sit pleasurably conversing, and a rapidly disintegrating planet. Like all late Churchill, it packs an amazing amount into a modest frame... The overwhelming strength of the play lies in its portrait of the women in the garden. They talk inevitably of old times: of vanishing corner shops and TV soaps. At one point they even break, with glorious spontaneity, into a rendering of the old Crystals hit from 1973, Da Doo Ron Ron. But these women are not stuck in the past. They relish the benefits of living today: "whole worlds in your pocket", says Vi of mobile phones... This is Churchill at her best, observing with wry compassion how people actually talk. --Guardian

Caryl Churchill certainly keeps you guessing... [Escaped Alone is] a dark black comedy - probably her funniest play to date... Lines seem to float on the air before crunching you in the stomach... proves once again there is far more easy "theatricality" to Churchill than she's often credited with.

­Caryl Churchill does not waste words. She uses them like tools, minimally punctuated, ready to detonate. The effect is both natural and anything but... monologues poke through the text like fingers or pillars. They jut and disrupt. It's architectural, the way they are placed... These interludes are disquieting but also more than a little absurd, funnier than they have any right to be... The play as a whole is hard to get a grip on, it wriggles, it eels around the stage. But it's also hypnotic. And kind of comfy. And distinctly odd. And sharp. Like an M&S cardigan with nails imbedded in it. --The Stage

About the Author

Caryl Churchill is the author of some twenty plays including Love and Information, Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, Cloud Nine, Top Girls, Serious Money, The Skriker, Blue Heart, Far Away, A Number, Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? and Seven Jewish Children - seen and admired all over the world. Most are published by NHB.

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