Activity Programming for the Eldery (6910632154)

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Elizabeth L. Crepeau


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Activity Programming for the Elderly

Assistan­t Professor; Occupational Therapy Department, University of New Hampshire» Durham, New Hampshire

Aging can be viewed as a time for restful cre-ativity, as a period of growth. A well-planned ac-tivity program for the elderlv supports this view by making geriatric years functional and meaningful. Activity Programming for the El¬derly is a guide to planning a program that will set its participants on a course of growth rather than simply occupying their days. The emphasis of this unique book is on the creative process of designing such a program, allowing the activity director to adapt theorv to practical problems.

This comprehensive manual makes extensive use of current sociological theories of aging, moti-vation, and the importance and meaning of activity in daily life. The reader will gain a solid theoretical grounding in individual and pro¬gram assessment, analyzing and selecting activi¬ties, and adapting activities to meet individual needs.

As a practical guide, Activity Programming for the Elderly will be useful on a daily basis. Two case studies of a 100-bed nursing home and an individual resident parallel abstract discussions throughout the text, demonstrating methods of putting theory into action. These case Sludies will be especially useful in the classroom. Clin¬ical conditions—such as sensorv deficits, loss of coordination, stroke, arthritis and osteoporo¬sis, cardiopulmonary problems, cognitive loss, motivation, learned helplessness, and locus of control — are fully discussed with respect to restrictions on and effects from activity pro-gramming. Detailed discussions of daily con-cerns, including activity selection, cost analysis, time management, and scheduling principles, will aid every activity director.

Extensive charts and forms throughout—includ-in­g individual and program assessment, atten-dance sheets, monthly statistical report forms, and activity analysis forms—can be adapted to the reader's individual needs. Each chapter ends with study questions designed to assist in in-tegrating and applying the material in the chapter. Photos illustrate specific adaptations of activities. An appendix lists professional organ¬izations and associations for the activity director.

Activity Programming for the Elderly enables ac-tivity directors to use their own creativity to de-sign an activity program that meets the needs of the elderly in their care—a program that will promote growth, creativity, and spontaneity, al-lowing the atmosphere of a nursing home to change from what is so often apathy and depen-dence to stimulation and self-determination.

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